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Summer Heat Is Not Ideal For Our Feet-Cracked Heels and Dry Skin

Summer Heat Is Not Ideal For Our Feet-Cracked Heels and Dry Skin

The Met Office have classified this summer here the UK as having the longest dry period since 1976.

We all love the opportunity to be out and about and lapping up the sunshine. However there is one part of our body that isn't so keen and that's our feet. They become prone to getting cracked heels and very dry skin.Not what we want to be  parading in our sandals.

As we age this issue becomes more prominent and harder to address, as our feet dry out even more.

We have recently launched our Natural Foot Gel, made with over 10 natural oils and extracts, known for their soothing, moisturising, antibacterial and deodorising properties. This product is unique from most foot creams, in that it is vegan friendly, is not a petroleum wax based formula and does not contain lanolin.

As a lot of foot creams are based around paraffin based waxes, they don't allow the feet to breathe. Our unique gel, soaks into the skin and refreshes those tired feet.

It is ideal for sorting out that dried, cracked skin and very dry cracked heels. Softens hard skin, a lovely hard skin remover.

Additionally, it deodorises, leaving your feet odour free, with its natural citrus aroma, lovely refreshing cooling foot gel

Great for addressing athletes foot, that can creep up and jump in between our toes, with it anti-fungal formula.

Great to apply in the morning, after a tiring day at work, or the gym. Massage in at night before bed and for the best outcome, sleep with bed socks over and within a few days, you will notice, soft sweet feet, goodbye cracked heels, calluses and dry skin


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