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Christmas shopping for fitness enthusiasts? Try our extra strong hemp cream

Fitness enthusiasts who use Extra Strong Hemp Cream

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for the fitness enthusiast in your family or circle of friends, you've come to the right place. At 5kind we supply our massage gels and creams to help people get the most out of exercise and speed up recovery times. Our 5kind Extra Strong Hemp Cream might not be the new treadmill they’ve got on their wishlist or the running shoes they’ve been saving up for, but we know it will be something they’ll find useful and be grateful for.

Pre and post exercise massage

Whether they’re an amateur athlete or a once-in-a-while gym goer, anything they can do to improve their conditioning and performance or aid recovery is going to be beneficial to their overall enjoyment.

Massaging before a workout can help to warm up the muscles, improve flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. It can also help to alleviate tension, stress and anxiety to enable you to get the most from your exercise routine.

Having a post-workout massage helps to reduce muscle soreness, reduce inflammation and speed up recovery times. To get the most from it, you should massage the muscles as soon as you can after exercise, as this helps to ward off the soreness that will start to creep in once you stop working out.

5knd Extra Strong Hemp Cream is ideal for pre and post exercise massage because:

  • It contains hemp oil which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It has arnica gel to ease bruising.
  • It has turmeric which helps support the body’s natural recovery process.
  • It contains eucalyptus oil which revitalises tired muscles and helps you to feel relaxed.
  • It contains wintergreen oil which restores tender muscles soothes discomfort in the joints.
  • It helps stimulate circulation thanks to the inclusion of caffeine.
  • It has natural skin conditioners and leaves the skin feeling moisturised.

Why our muscle massage cream makes a great gift

Our hemp muscle massage cream can be used to help alleviate stiff joints, muscle soreness, aches and pains. It can be used on the wrists, arms, elbows, shoulders, neck, back, hips, knees, ankles, feet and hands to soothe, calm and condition.

 Extra Strong Hemp Cream 300ml + Hand Massager Set

It comes in two different sizes - a 300ml tub which is perfect to keep at home and a 100ml tube which easily fits into a gym bag, handbag or travel bag for on the go relief. Or, for a ready made gift, try our Extra Strong Hemp Cream 300ml + Hand Massager Set for just £25.97.

And finally, it isn’t just for fitness enthusiasts…

Our extra strong hemp cream can be used by anyone experiencing aches, pains and muscle soreness from leading an active lifestyle or spending too long sitting at an office desk. It really is the multipurpose soothing cream that everyone wants in their stocking this Christmas! Click here to view our entire range of massage therapy products and shop now for great deals.

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