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About Us

5kind is a leading Clinical Skincare company started five years in the UK by Guy Burt who has over twenty years’ experience in the health, beauty and cosmetic industry working for a range of global businesses. 5Kind is an online business and operates in the UK, Europe, US, Australia, Iceland, and the Scandinavian countries. 

The company operates in the natural therapy creams and gels market and is a leader in the hemp seed oil products market, specialising in products for the active gym goers, active baby boomers and those users involved in sports and other leisure pursuits that need that active support and comfort from our range of products.

Going forward the company plans to develop its online business in Canada, India, Mexico, Turkey, and Singapore as well as focusing on product innovation and development in growing the business over the next five years with the focus on providing quality ingredients, high level manufacturing processes and with a key focus on the customer and service at every level.