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Is your joint pain worse in winter? Try our natural pain relief gel

Man with joint pain needs natural pain relief gel

As we head into the colder months, it isn’t only the weather that can get worse. If you find that your joint pain is heightened in winter, you are not alone. It is known that cold temperatures can increase pain sensitivity, reduce blood circulation and cause muscle spasms. If this all sounds familiar, you need something to soothe and ease your pain. Something like our natural pain relief gel.

When people say they can feel the cold in their bones, they aren’t just speaking figuratively. For those affected by arthritis or other joint complaints, the colder weather can bring increased muscle and joint pain. The joints can be affected by a drop in barometric pressure, making the muscles and tendons expand and putting more pressure on the joint itself. Fluid around the joints may also thicken in cooler temperatures, making the joints stiffer and more sensitive to pain. When this happens, there are a few things you can do to help ease the pain.

Soothing muscle and joint relief gel

5kind Natural Joint & Muscle Therapy Gel

Firstly, you’ll want to reach for something that can soothe tired muscles and ease aching joints. Our natural pain relief gel has been designed to offer muscle and joint therapy when you need it most. Whether this is to help your joints through winter, or to calm tired muscles after a good workout, it’s a fast acting, natural formula that delivers soothing relief.

Packed with a host of active plant ingredients including menthol, essential oils and shea butter, our 5kind Natural Joint & Muscle Therapy Gel penetrates the joints to deliver cooling comfort. It is easily absorbed, non greasy and leaves your skin feeling fresh and moisturised. You can use it on the back, shoulders, neck, arms, elbows, hands, wrists, knees, legs, feet and hips.

Joint ache relief: quick wins for winter

In addition to using our natural muscle and joint therapy gel, there are also a few simple things you can do to help support your joints during the winter months. These include:

  • Keeping warm - it’s easier said than done when energy bills are rising, but keeping warm is one of the best ways to support your joints and prevent injuries. Whether it’s wearing a scarf, thick socks or gloves indoors to support those vulnerable areas or using a heat pad or hot water bottle to provide instant relief, your joints will definitely thank you for keeping the cold out. You can even try a warm bath or a soak in the hot tub!
  • Keeping active - it goes without saying that exercise is the best way to keep your joints happy. Regular exercise increases strength and flexibility, plus it releases endorphins which can make you feel great and increase resilience to pain. 150 minutes of moderate activity each week is generally what is recommended, but if you’re new to exercise or recovering after an injury, speak to your doctor or physiotherapist before embarking on any new fitness regimes.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight - carrying extra weight puts additional pressure on the joints, so keeping your body weight healthy and in proportion to your height will ensure you are not putting your joints and muscles under undue stress.
  • Ensuring you’re getting enough Vitamin D - it’s hard to get enough of the sunshine vitamin during the winter months, but being deficient in vitamin D can exacerbate the pain of arthritis and other joint complaints. Oily fish and fortified breakfast cereals are good sources of vitamin D, but you can also take a vitamin D3 supplement if you think you aren’t getting enough.

Getting prepared for the winter can help you look after your joints. If you know that this time of year usually makes your aches and pains worse, shop now for products that can help. Our natural pain relief gel is currently on offer at just £14.97 for 300ml, offering a cost effective way to get joint ache relief, whatever the weather brings. Order yours today and get fast acting relief for joint aches, spasms and sprains and sports injuries.

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